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My name is Joe Mitchell, I am from Wayland, Iowa a graduate of Waco High School currently finishing up my bachelor’s degree at Drake University in Des Moines.

I am honored to be able to run for House District 84 representing the great people of Southeast Iowa. I grew up learning about hard work, discipline and the appreciation of what you have, as my dad quit his job to start his business with my mom. Their business, called MD Orthopedics, now employs 30 full-time employees in Wayland, Iowa. I’m competing in this race to make sure every Iowan has the same opportunity my Dad had
to work hard and achieve the American Dream.

As a state, we must uphold our Iowa values to make sure each and every person in Iowa can work hard to achieve their definition of success. This is done by common sense policies that grow our Iowa work force, cut government waste and make sure every Iowan keeps more of their hard earned money.

I’ve worked in the Iowa Capitol for the past 4 years working for the House of
Representatives, the State Senate, Governor Reynolds and Senator Joni Ernst.
At my young age, I’ve been involved in the process and have experienced how the
legislature works. I have seen some flaws and problems we have in our state
legislature. Every policy and law passed in the legislature should be passed with the
intention to help the families of Iowa and I will fight to make sure that happens.



  1. 2nd southeast Iowa millennial running for Iowa House

    2nd southeast Iowa m... 19 March 2018